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Kelowna North (KN):
This area is situated North of Highway 97 to Knox Mountain and from Okanagan Lake to Gordon Drive. This is an older area of Kelowna featuring parks, shopping, recreation and beaches. The homes range from restored heritage, small war-time to lakeshore. This area features Downtown shopping and the relaxation of City Park. House prices range from low (central - small post WWII houses) to high for lakeshore property.


Glenmore (GL):
This area has been established for many years and is situated from Gordon Drive to Ivans Road and from Highway 97 to the end of Clifton Road. There are a number of major developments in this area; including Magic Estates, Mount Royal and Golfview. There are many quiet tree lined streets with houses that are 20+ years old. Up Clifton Road there are homes with a wonderful view over the lake and valley. The area features numerous schools, parks and the Kelowna Golf and Country Club. The homes in this area tend to be in the mid range with higher prices for view homes and those located in Mount Royal and Magic Estates.

North Glenmore (NG):

This area is situated north of Ivans Road to Winfield and from Highway 97 to Okanagan Lake - which encompasses McKinley Landing. Most of this area is newly developed (a few years ago it was primarily orchards and farms); those numerous developments offer quiet cul-du-sacs and linear parks. The lots in this area tend to be smaller with larger homes offering modern amenities. There is a strip mall located on Glenmore Road which features a dry cleaner, a florist, grocery stores, a video outlet, and a neighbourhood pub and restaurant.


Dilworth Mountain (DM):
This area is situated North of Highway 97 - which encompasses the sub-division of Dilworth. The area has homes that are new to about 15 years old. These homes feature unsurpassed views of the valley and lake. It is convenient for Orchard Park Mall, Dilworth Centre and Spall Plaza. Also, both the Kelowna Golf and Country Club and Central Park golf course are located close by. The homes in this area are priced at the higher end.

Kelowna South (KS):
Situated form Highway 97 to K.L.O. Road and from Okanagan Lake to Gordon Drive this area is comprised mainly of order style homes; some heritage and large beautiful homes are also available along the lakeshore. Featured are numerous parks, shopping areas, restaurants, a bird sanctuary, the Kelowna General Hospital and Okanagan University College. The price range for this area varies from low to high.

Lower Mission (LM):

This area is situated from K.L.O. Road to Crighton Road and from Lake Okanagan to Swamp Road. This was once a separate community which became part of Kelowna in 1974. The homes range from large lakeshore homes to normal homes on cul-du-sacs and quiet streets. The area features Woodhaven Regional Park, Sarsons Beach, Gyro beach (as well as numerous small beach accesses), Mission Sports Field, and Fairview Golf Course. The homes in this area tend to be in the upper price range with lakeshore property being the highest.


Upper Mission (UM):
This area is situated south of Creighton Road - encompassing the southernmost tip of Kelowna and the sub-division of Crawford Estates. The homes here range from elegant lakeshore estates, lakeshore cottages to homes on vineyards. Many homes have commanding views down Okanagan Lake towards the bridge and Peachland. Moderately priced executive housing is also available. The area features Estate Wineries, Bertram Creek Regional Park and Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park. 

South East Kelowna (SE): 
South East Kelowna is situated from Mission Creek to the southern most part of Kelowna and from Swamp Road to Gallagher's Canyon. This area offers some wonderful view homes and lots. The area features golfing at Gallagher’s Canyon, McCulloch-Orchard Greens and the Harvest Golf Club. Sutherland Hills and Mission Creek Regional Parks are also located within its boundaries. The homes in here tend to be in the higher price range.


Springfield\Spall (SS): 
This area is situated in approximately the center of Kelowna - from Gordon Drive to Mission Creek and to Highway 97 and Bernard Avenue. The homes here are mid-priced. The area features Kelowna’s major shopping centres - Orchard Park, Capri Mall, Dilworth Centre and Spall Plaza. There are numerous restaurants and fast food outlets along the Highway as well as the Parkinson Recreation Center and two golf courses. There is still farmland in this area along with some walled developments. The prices here are in the mid range with higher prices for larger lots and acreages.


Rutland South (RS):
This area is located south of Highway 33 to Mission Creek and has its own city center. Rutland features restaurants, fast food outlets, shopping centres, health care centres, recreation centres, ice rinks, parks and baseball fields. The homes tend to be moderately priced and many have larger lots. For the most part the homes in this area do not have views (although some of the more easterly properties do).

Rutland North (RN):This area is situated north of Highway 33 to Sexsmith Road. The homes here tend to run along the same lines and prices as those in Rutland South and offer similar amenities. The area features Athans Aquatic Centre (YM/YWCA) and numerous parks and baseball fields. 


Ellison (EL):
Ellison is to the north of Rutland and includes Golf courses, the Kelowna Airport and the development of Quail Ridge. The homes here are rural in nature with quite large lots or acreage size property. Quail Ridge is a new sub-division of moderate to high end housing situated on a golf course. 


Black Mountain (BL):
Black Mountain is east of Rutland South and South East Kelowna. It includes the areas of Belgo and Black Mountain. The Belgo area is typically rural. Acreages, orchards, and even vineyards can be found here. Black Mountain features country-style living; many homes have views at an affordable price. 


Winfield (WI):Located north of Kelowna this area has recently been incorporated and is now called "Lake Country." The homes here are in the moderate to high price range and feature view lots overlooking Lake Okanagan and Wood Lake. There is shopping, restaurants, banks, and recreation in Winfield; making it totally independent from Kelowna. 

West Kelowna

West Kelowna Estates (WK): 
Located north of Highway 97, West Kelowna Estates offers wonderful views over the lake and the city. Many homes have sloping lots with pine trees. Because of the view, the prices tend to be higher than other locations on the Westside. Also located further north on Westside Road are numerous lakeshore homes - including Sailview Bay (the lots here are quite steep so you have a view and access to the lakeshore). Featured in this area is Raymer Bay - a popular beach area. 

Westside (WS): 
Westside includes the sub-division of Trader's Cove. This is an area of moderate to high priced homes - with a rural flavour. There are view homes and even lakeshore homes. Two features of this area are Trader’s Cove Marine Park (a popular area for boaters) and Bear Creek Provincial Park (a popular area for hikers). 

Lakeview Heights (LH): 
Located on the south side of Highway 97, this area features family living, schools, orchards, wineries and some lakeshore and view properties. The prices here are in the moderate range - with higher prices for a view home and premium prices for lakeshore property. There is a small shopping centre along with a gas station and convenience store (located on Highway 97).

Shannon Lake (SL): 
The Shannon Lake area is built around Shannon Lake Regional Park and the Shannon Lake Golf Club. The homes here range from new to 15 years and are moderately priced executive housing. There are many families and young professionals in this area of quiet streets and cul-du-sacs. 

Westbank (WE): 
Westbank is a self contained community to the south of Lakeview Heights. There are shopping centres, restaurants, recreation and banking within the town. The homes tend to be in the moderate range with higher prices for view and lakeshore property. 

Glenrosa (GA): 
Located in the hills south of Westbank many homes here have a view of the lake. The area has schools and a convenience store. The lots here are large and some are well treed. There is a high percentage of families living this area. House prices tend to be moderate with some areas offering muti-family units. 

Peachland (PE): 
South of Westbank, Peachland is also a self contained community. The town offers shopping, schools, recreation and parks. Housing ranges from smaller older homes to lakeshore and view homes. The typical house price tends to be lower than for a comparable home in Kelowna.


The choice of neighborhood is an increasingly important factor in the home buying process.
Your lifestyle is as important as the ideal features that you are looking for in a prospective home, making it essential to not only have the details of a potential new home, but also the neighborhood in which it is located and where you may eventually live.
Considerations such as local schools, amenities, transportation, traffic, crime rates, weather, and the surrounding community are all key aspects of selecting the ideal home and location for you and your lifestyle.
For more information regarding Kelowna and area, or if you have questions relating to specific neighborhoods, I am here to help.
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